The Art of Plastics Injection Recruiting

We've dedicated our careers fine-tuning this craft to create lasting success and we’re happy to share our technique!

  • Expertise
  • Relationships
  • Transparency
  • Urgency
  • Crusade
  • Advise
  • Involvement
  • Mutual Respect
  • Diligence

Fluid Process

  • Focus: We Swipe our desks clean to discuss the details regarding your opening
  • Listen: We listen after we ask questions to understand your company culture, goals, direction, etc.
  • Understand: We absorb the information while ensuring your confidence with the position in our hands. We will understand the technical aspects but we need to be confident in understanding your company and how to promote it properly.
  • Implement: We develop our search plan and begin crusading for your company
  • Deliver: We are not a resume mill. When we present a candidate it is only after exhaustive and extensive vetting along with numerous conversations to ensure the prospect is truly interested in your opportunity and what it has to offer

Our Style

Not Your Typical Plastics Industry Recruiters and You'll Appreciate It!

  • Devils Advocate: We actually seek for reasons NOT to submit a candidate based upon our thorough screening. It’s important to us to make the right fit not just fill a seat.
  • Crazy Credibility: We are trusted by many of the top players in the Industry. So when we reach out they actually respond.
  • Wizards of Sourcery: We know exactly how to reach those individuals who may not already be a part of our network through our magical & methodical sourcing abilities.

Help Us Help You Create A Successful Partnership!

  • Trust: We’ve done our diligence
  • Transparency: Full-disclosure from both sides
  • Mutual-Respect: Value everyone’s time and efforts
  • Engagement: Frequent communications

Prime Objectives

We strive to develop long-term partnerships while lifting companies and individuals to new heights. We want to be a part of your continued growth by understanding your goals, serving as advisors, and fulfilling your needs. We specialize in sending the ‘right’ candidate for the right job. We do not send resumes, we send individuals who we have identified as a fit for your position. We do this sincerely, honestly, and directly.

We welcome the opportunity to partner with you and your company by providing our unique services and utilizing our unrivaled experience to fill even your most difficult search assignments.

  • Our target is to truly understand the needs of your company
  • Our aim is to ensure you have the opportunity to interview the best players in the Industry
  • Our goal is to develop lasting relationships

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