A Family of Plastics Industry Recruiters

Unlike those other agencies that claim to be one big happy family, they actually are! Barb and Kyle Bouchard have continued to work together from their days at Management Recruiters to the creation of PrimeSource Plastic’s Group, Inc. in 2013. Together, they offer over 50 years of curated knowledge, insight, and relationships within the Plastic Injection Molding Industry! This has many benefits alongside some unique challenges for them. But for you, it will always be to your advantage!

PrimeSource Plastics Group is a premier recruiting agency for the Plastic Injection Molding Industry.

PrimeSource Plastic’s Group, Inc. was established in 2013 by Barb Bouchard and her son Kyle Bouchard after their long tenure of 45+ years with Management Recruiters. Her reputation began to proceed her and was properly dubbed the ‘Princess of Plastics’ among her colleagues. They have continued to focus entirely in the Plastic’s Industry by expanding their network and fostering existing relationships. Together they offer 50+ years of Industry knowledge, insight, and connections within The Plastic Injection Molding Industry! Whether you’re seeking new opportunities or looking to fill open positions within the Molding Industry, you came to the right place!

Not Your Typical Recruiters.

You'll appreciate us for it too!

We take great pride in our ability to quickly demonstrate the differentiators between us and any other recruiters you’ve worked with in the past. We will illustrate this in less than 15 minutes. We understand the technical aspects of each position and will ask the questions which other plastics headhunters wouldn’t know to ask.

We Do Things Differently.

You'll thank us for it too!

You’ll definitely like our way better…We are not afraid of asking the ‘tough questions’ or playing ‘devils advocate’. We do not want to waste your time nor our efforts. Thus, complete transparency is what you can expect from us. In return, we hope for the same level of transparency, honesty, and mutual respect.

Prime Values



Mutual Respect

Our Focus

Prime Philosophy

In order to achieve lasting success in this business, it is paramount to operate with a high-level of Ethics & Integrity for Reputation & Relationships mean everything.

Prime Commitment

Provide open and honest communications throughout the entire process while utilizing all our resources identifying, screening, and presenting tailored prospects for both our clients and network.

Prime Mission

We have been blessed with the opportunity to connect with people in a manner that facilitates positive change and continuous growth. This is an opportunity we will not waste!

Meet The Leaders

“Although we started our own business; not much has changed in regards to the way we do business. Gratefully, our network and clients’ stayed loyal and supported us during our time of transition. We will forever remember their support during that most critical time for PrimeSource Plastic’s Group, Inc.”

Barb Bouchard, President

Barb Bouchard

Barb Bouchard

It is an honor for me to participate in helping others realize their visions. It is humbling to assist in the growth of a family and of a company. I am grateful every day that this profession found me over 35 years ago!

Phone: 262.456.6105
Email: barb@primesourceplastics.com

Kyle Bouchard

Kyle Bouchard

I am honored EVERYDAY by having the opportunity to speak with the brightest minds of our future! Then awarded by the gratification of assisting these individuals realize their personal & professional goals.

Phone: 262.456.6105


A History In Recruiting


Barb begins her career as a headhunter in a time when “desktops” consisted of a rolodex, a rotary phone, notebooks, and an ashtray.  In a time when hours were spent shuffling through the pages of 10 lb. Manufacturer’s Guides in order to find potential clients. And in a time when resumes still arrived via U.S. Snail Mail.


Barb made her very first placement in the Plastic’s Industry with (at the time) a small less-known Custom Injection Molder in Wisconsin known as Dickten & Masch.


Barb Receives her first of many Account Executive of the Year Awards from Management Recruiters (MRI) which propelled her into the depths of the recruiting world.


This year holds two critically career defining moments:

-Barb became a member of the Exclusive $1mm President’s Club which simply launched her career even further into Celebrity Status.

-Secondly, but more importantly; This was the year of the Birth of her future business Partner!


Barb accepts the challenge of moving to Florida in order to manage an MRI-Office in Orlando, FL.


She was summoned back to Wisconsin to lead a team of Plastic Recruiters for Management Recruiters-of Racine. Here she found her voice and was quickly becoming recognized for various achievements in recruitment and training.


Barb solidifies her presence as the leading Plastic’s Recruiter and was properly dubbed by her colleagues around the U.S. as the “Princess of Plastics”.


At 14 years of age; Kyle begins his career with MRI-of Racine as a janitorial service for the office.


Barb and Kyle officially team up and comprise the Plastic’s Division for MRI-of Racine.


Together Barb and Kyle continue bulldozing the Molding Industry while consistently being Top-Producers in the office.

2013 Est.

They took the leap to recruit on their own thus, PrimeSource Plastic’s Group was born.

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