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Primesource Plastics is recognized as the premier Plastic Injection Molding recruiters in the industry and offers over 50 years of knowledge, insight, and connections.

Established in 2013 by Barb Bouchard and her son Kyle Bouchard after her long tenure of 35+ years with Management Recruiters. Her reputation now proceeds herself and was properly dubbed the ‘Princess of Plastics’ among her colleagues. Together, they have continued to focus entirely on and are dedicated EXCLUSIVELY to plastic injection molding recruiting by expanding their network and fostering existing relationships.

The Key Differences

Our Niche.

A specialist recruiter is right in the thick of your industry. They operate in your circles, they associate with your people, they reside in the same business world. Specialist recruiters spend more time talking to your competition than you ever will. They know the salaries, the employees, the products, the services. They know why people stay and why people leave.

  • EXPERTISE: Offering decades of Industry-Specific knowledge, connections and insight. We only work in the plastics industry to remain focused and committed to providing our clients with the most in-depth network of top professionals in the industry
  • ADVISE: Regarding industry activity, trends, standards, salary ranges, and more
  • REPUTATION: Integrity and Credibility stand as the hallmarks of our success and we are known around the US as the plastics recruiting experts

Our Network.

As a trusted industry expert by the top companies, we continue to develop the most extensive and focused group of top industry professionals in plastics. Imagine if you could get the attention of the best candidates and companies in your specific field, would that be of value? That’s exactly what we have done for over 40 years, and will continue to advance as candidates and companies evolve.

  • NETWORK: Trusted by the Top Talent in the Plastic’s Industry
  • RELATIONSHIPS: Developing and maintaining unique partnerships with our clients and our candidates for the past 40+ years. We don't simply know a name on a resume, we build relationships will all of our candidates and clients to know everything they offer inside and out.

Our Process.

We play ‘devil’s advocate’ during telephone screens and only ask open-ended questions to ensure our candidate finds their ideal position in the plastic injection molding industry. This method also prevents a ‘wrong hire’ merely because we are looking for reasons NOT to submit someone who we believe won’t be an honest match. We are confident that after an initial conversation you will immediately recognize our fresh breadth of knowledge; whether you are seeking a new position or looking to fill an opening.

  • REPUTATION: Integrity and Credibility stand as the hallmarks of our success
  • TRANSPARENCY: Trust, honesty, and full-disclosure are essential to our relationships


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